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When you partner with The Studios at Paramount, we centralize creative power right at your fingertips. We have the largest full-time special effects/prop department of any major production facility, complete with our own on-site machine and fabrication shop. Our effects technicians will manufacture anything you want from vehicles to mechanical action props utilizing a variety of materials including metals, plastics and acrylics. We can also create any environmental conditions your script requires from a gentle snow flurry to a raging hurricane. Exciting pyrotechnics to complete your action shots are all part of a normal day on our lot.

Manufacturing Services
• Custom Design and Manufacturing
• On-site Metal Fabrication, Welding and Machine Shop
• Electronic, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Rigging
• Vehicle Roll Bars and Tow Bars
• Break-away Props
• Huge Vacuum Form Inventory (Download the catalog HERE)

Effects Capabilities
• Rain, Snow, Wind, Smoke, Fog, Steam and Fire
• Pyrotechnics, Including Explosions, Bullet Hits, Burn Barrels and More

Equipment Rentals
• E-Fans and Smoke Machines
• Water Heaters and Steam Boilers
• Hydraulic Wave Machines
• Water Dump Tanks
• Rain and Snow Making Equipment and Supplies

To contact
special effects call:
(323) 956-5140

General studio information:
(323) 956-5000