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No set is complete without the proper paint job.  But not just any paint will do for your project – it should be perfect.  That’s where our paint shop comes in.  Our experts deliver a full range of paint services and are able to provide any finish required.  We will color match anything and specialize in custom mixing to make each hue exact.  Plus, with one of the largest on-site inventories around, it’s easy to pick the perfect colors for your set and have them applied by the best professionals in the industry.

Paint Shop Services
• Extensive On-site Inventory
• Color Matching and Paint Mixing
• Aging and Marbleizing Capabilities
• On-site Spray Booths
• Picture Vehicle Painting
• Comprehensive Reference Library of Wallpaper Catalogs
• Stock Wallpaper
• Equipment Rental
• Paint Waste Management

To contact the
paint shop call:
(323) 956-2626

General studio information:
(323) 956-5000