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When it comes to creating the perfect event, the right setting can make all the difference.  On our gorgeous 65-acre lot, almost any location is at your disposal from a large outdoor setting perfect for an award show to a soundstage custom-designed for your corporate event, or even a quiet outdoor park for an intimate wedding you’ll remember forever.  Even our most famous lot locations are available for your event, including our New York Street backlot and our impressive B-Tank.  When it comes to photo ops, our historic movie monuments make the ultimate backdrop for any occasion.  No matter the size or type of your event, Paramount Special Events has the location.

Sound Stages

• Accommodates up to 1500 Guests
• Custom Design for Any Imaginable Event
• Perfect for Large Corporate Events, Award Shows and Conventions

New York Street Backlot

• Accommodates up to 5000 Guests
• Lets You Host Your Event on a New York City Street
• Paramount Rocks Concert Venue
• Customizable for Smaller Groups and Events
• Perfect for Concerts, Corporate Events, Large Fundraisers, Car Shows,
   Promo Events and Themed Public Events

• Accommodates up to 3500 Guests
• Available With or Without Water
• Perfect for Award Shows and Large Public Events

Paramount Theatre

• Accommodates up to 516 Guests in the Auditorium
• Accommodates up to 220 for Dinner in the Lobby
• Accommodates up to 350 for a Reception in the Lobby
• Great Outdoor Space for Auctions and Hollywood Themed Parties
• Giant Auditorium with a Huge Rotunda Lobby
• Tall White Columns and Curving Staircases
• Perfect for Screenings, Smaller Award Shows and Fundraisers

Sherry Lansing Theatre

• Accommodates up to 284 Guests Inside
• Accommodates up to 284 Guests Outside
• Perfect for Smaller Sized Screenings Plus a Reception

Bronson Gate
• Accommodates up to 500 Guests or 1000 Including the Adjacent Parks
• Next to the Main Paseo
• Fountain in the Center of the Circular Courtyard
• Famous Iron Gates
• Featured in Many Movies
• Perfect for Industry Glamour Events, Alumni Events, Weddings, Fundraisers and Auctions

Production Park

• Accommodates up to 300 Guests
• Reminiscent of a School Campus
• Shaded by Blooming Jacaranda Trees
• Perfect for Private Parties and Weddings

Marathon Park

• Accommodates up 250 Guests
• Beautiful Park with Trees, Gardens and Planters
• Perfect for Private Parties and Weddings

Dining Room
• Accommodates up to 50 Guests on the Patio
• Accommodates up to 110 Guests in the Main Room
• Accommodates up to 22 Guests in the Private Boardrooms
• World-renowned Chefs Available
• Perfect for Alumni Events, Private Parties, Retirements and Meetings

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