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With Paramount Special Events on your side, you’ll receive more than just event planning services.  Of course, we will help with any planning and coordination you may need, but it’s our custom design and production that set the events hosted on our lot apart.  There’s a reason we’re the number one studio for hosting special events – we take care of it all for you.  But best of all, you’ll have the same resources used by major blockbuster productions available right at your fingertips.  You want an exact replica of a 15th century Spanish galleon?  We’ll build it.  You need to host a party on the lunar surface?  We’ll create it.  Whatever your vision, we’ll make it happen.  Just tell us where and when, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Audio & Visual
From enormous concert systems to basic public address podiums, we’ll make sure everyone hears what you need them to hear.  We can also create a multitude of video systems to coincide with your custom audio to make sure any presentation always has the impact you desire.

Lighting & Grip

No matter the size or type of your event, our lighting experts can provide the lighting that will make your event look its best.  By using the same technology available to our film production partners, you’ll always be seen in the best light.

Special Effects
When you’re looking to truly impress an audience, bring in our special effects team to create any type of environmental effect you can imagine.  With effects at your disposal like rain, snow, smoke, pyrotechnics or more, you’re sure to always have the most exciting event with the perfect ambiance.


It’s not an event unless you provide great food.  With Paramount Special Events on your side, you’ll get world-class cuisine (or just a good old barbecue, if you prefer).  Whatever your pleasure, our top-of-the-line chefs and courteous staff will make sure you’re taken care of.

For many events, people will talk about how well the flower arrangements were designed.  With our own on-site florist available, we can create any arrangement you could need.  From simple and delicate to grand displays, our florists will provide the flowers your guests will praise.


With our professional linens services, we’ll make sure that all your tables exude elegance and sophistication for all your guests to enjoy.

Professional Staffing
Every event requires people to run the systems and take care of your guests.  We can provide the most professional and courteous staff for any occasion to make sure your event runs smoothly and that each of your guests is properly served.

Event Rentals

Even if you already have a location for your event, we can still make sure your event runs smooth and remains in the memories of your guests forever.  With our rental services, you only need to call one place, Paramount Special Events, to get any dining settings, off-site catering, seating, staging or any other necessities.  Plus, you can get all the professional staffing you need to make sure everything is set up, run and taken down without a hitch. 

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